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10 of the Best Places to Pull Off a Quickie

Time is of the essence these days. As the hours quickly pass by, between work, kids, and life, there seems to be less and less time for "carnal pursuits." Here's a list of the 10 Best Places To Pull Off A Quickie:

1. In the shower before work
2. On the stairs
3. On the kitchen floor
4. On the washing machine
5. In the back of your car while parked in the garage or driveway
6. On the bathroom sink while brushing your teeth
7. On your desk in your home office
8. On the pool table or bar of your "man cave"
9. Anywhere as long as the kids are asleep
10. In the hallway (touching shoulders, as you pass by exchanging "F*** yous!" ***This only works after a long, terrible day or if you've been married a long time.***)

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