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10 Best Science Kits for Kids

Every budding biologist or scientist needs the opportunity to explore and investigate the wonders of science in a safe, educational environment. Many science kits are available to provide the tools and equipment necessary to incite the imagination and increase learning beyond the average science fair and classroom experience. Here is our list of the 10 Best Science Kits For Kids:

1. Live Butterfly Garden

The Live Butterfly Garden is a great way for kids to see the metamorphosis nature through the stages of painted lady butterflies. The Live Butterfly Garden includes a reusable, collapsible habitat, a ready to use feeder, and complete instructions for raising butterflies from larvae stage. A simple mail order card comes with the Live Butterfly Garden to allow delivery of larvae and food. The Live Butterfly Garden is a great way to teach children the wonders of nature.

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2. Star Theater Pro

The Star Theater Pro brings the universe under your roof with a spherical, planetarium projector. The Star Theater Pro displays 10,000 stars within any room of your house with a motorized, rotating projector. The Star Theater Pro features an A/C adapter, two interchangeable image disks, shut off timer, and a Planetarium sound track. The Star Theater Pro is a great way to learn about the solar system and assuage any fears of the dark.

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3. My First Microscope

My First Microscope is a dual functioning microscope that allows kids to view microscopic sized specimens and macroscopic objects. The duo-scope features LED illumination, with dual illumination to view slides with a light shining up and solid objects with a light shining down. My First Microscope comes complete with 50 accessories including all a budding scientist needs to cultivate curiosity and learning. My First Microscope requires 3 AA batteries not included with purchase.

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4. Wind Power: Renewable Energy Science Kit

The Wind Power kit is a great way for youngsters to learn the power of physics, the wonders of clean energy, and the basics of electricity. The Wind Power Kit allows users to build a working wind turbine to harness power and conduct experiments regarding the physics of force, motion, and wind power technology. The kit includes a experiment manual, detailed and illustrated instructions, and scientific information designed to promote learning and green technology.

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5. Rainbow In My Room

Rainbow In My Room is a colorful rainbow projector which can instantly brighten up any room with a simple wave of a hand. Rainbow In My Room features a multi-colored LED display, bonus window prism for daytime rainbows, and an optional AC adapter feature. Rainbow In My Room also features an automatic shut off function certain to preserve the 4 "AAA" batteries required for use but not included with purchase.

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6. The Ant Works Illuminator

The Ant Works Illuminator is a great way to for kids to nature from a bug's eye view. The Ant Works Illuminator allows kids to study the life cycle of ants in a space age gel habitat and comes with a power adapter, nutrient gel, magnifying glass, zoom lens, ant catching/tunnel starting tool, and instructional booklet. Ants are not included in the kit but completing a simple order form allows delivery of them to your doorstep. The Ant Works Illuminator was developed following a 2003 NASA ants space experiment involving anti-gravity and is one of the most interesting ways for kids to learn the inner workings of the underground insects.

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7. Moon In My Room

The Moon In My Room is a great way to transform any bedroom into a peaceful 3-D lunar landscape. The Moon In My Room features an automatic or annual function which allows children to see the 12 main phases of the moon, as well as a 15 minute audio CD which provides guided tour of the moon. The Moon In My Room is an authentically detailed, wall mountable, remote controlled tool allowing users to learn about the moon from the comforts of one's bed. The kit requires 2 "AAA" and 4 "AA" batteries not included with purchase.

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8. Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits is a great educational kit geared toward any amateur engineer. The kit features easy to follow instructions for building over 300 projects developed to teach the functions of circuits, transistors, and capacitors. Snap Circuits is an easily upgradable beginners kit that can grow with any child to create AM Radios, Burglar Alarms, and more. The kit includes 60 parts and requires 4 "AA" batteries.

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9. EyeClops BioniCam

The EyeClops BioniCam is a portable Bionic camera which uses an LCD screen to view, zoom, and record specimens collected by a budding biologist. The EyeClops BioniCam has a save and share function via a built-in flash drive and removable USB key that allows users to explore the world around them and share their findings with others through video and digital pictures. The EyeClops BioniCam also has capacities to upload files to a computer and view footage on any standard television. The Eyeclops has multiple lenses and a battery pack for indoor and outdoor use and requires 5 "AA" batteries which are not included.

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10. Disgusting Science

Disgusting Science is a fun, albeit gross, way to leave a lasting impression regarding bodily functions, germs, and other processes. Disgusting Science features kid safe and mom friendly experiments certain to be informative, a bit gross, and educational. The kit includes an instruction booklet, project "recipes," petri dishes, and equipment necessary to foster a new spin on learning.

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