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10 Free Online Courses From Great Schools

Interested in a lifetime of learning? Want to sit in on college courses without having to pay the ridiculous tuition?

The great news is that with the Internet you can now watch free video of classes offered at major Universities. Many schools offer entire courses via YouTube and other video formats.

Whether you are interested in biology or history or computer science, there are free online classes that will keep you intellectually stimulated for a lifetime.

Below, we've listed some of the best sources online for lectures at top-notch colleges and universities.

Ten Free Online Classes From Great Schools

1. Cambridge University

2. Carnegie Mellon University

3. Columbia University

4. Cornell University

5. Duke University

6. Emory University

7. Harvard University

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9. Northwestern University

10. Open University

Source:Top 25 Colleges & Universities Offering Free Online Classes and Lectures

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