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10 New Addictions for the New Millennium

Addictions have changed over time, and this list of 10 new addictions for the New Millennium sets out some addictions that affect people in modern society.

1. Cell Phone Addiction
Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with other people, but when a person is constantly sending text messages through this piece of technology, it can become problematic. Cell phone addiction has been identified as a problem among tweens and teens in Japan. In some cases, young people are spending hours at a time exchanging messages with friends.

2. E-mail Addiction
Checking your e-mail more than once an hour may be a sign of e-mail addiction. If your e-mail use interferes with your regular life, then that is another indication that e-mail addiction has crept into your life.

3. eBay Addiction
eBay is a popular place for online shoppers to purchase just about anything they want. Some people find that they get a rush or a high from being the person who wins the bidding to get items available for sale on eBay and other Internet auction sites. They may adjust their daily routine so that they can log in during the final few minutes of an auction to place the winning bid.

4. Online Gambling Addiction
Online gambling can be an enjoyable way to pass the time and win some money. For some people, this hobby becomes an obsession and they are unable to stop gambling online. This form of addiction can have serious personal and financial consequences if the individual doesn't get appropriate treatment.

5. Internet Addiction
A person who is addicted to using the Internet may spend hours each day online. Some people who live with this type of addiction use their time spent online to surf the Internet to visit a number of web sites to collect information on a variety of topics. They may not actually need the information; the exercise is more of an obsession with finding bits of knowledge online.

6. Cybersex Addiction
Cybersex is sex talk through the computer. Participants type in messages and share fantasies. One or both participants would likely masturbate while doing so. This type of activity doesn't carry risk of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease, and some people don't consider if to be cheating (but others do). An addict spends a lot of time either engaging in or planning their next cybersex encounter, to the detriment of having an intimate relationship with a partner they can actually be in physical contact with.

7. Online Pornography Addiction
Erotic images are readily available online, and simply viewing them from time to time is not the sign of an addiction. The test of whether an activity has crossed the line to become an addiction is whether it interferes with your daily activities. If you get to the point where a good portion of your waking hours are spent viewing online porn, thinking about it, or planning your next session of looking at porn, you may have an online pornography addiction.

8. TV Addiction
Have you ever thought that you spend too much time watching TV? This is an enjoyable pastime for many people, but if you find yourself planning your time around being able to watch TV, this can be a cause for concern.

9. Exercise Addiction
We know that being physically active is a good thing. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, the body's "feel good" hormones. For some people, the rush they get from exercising turns into an addiction.

10. Prescription Drug Addiction
Not all drug addicts use illegal substances. Being addicted to prescription medications may seem to be a little more "respectable" than using illegal drugs, but an addiction is still an addiction.

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