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10 Uses for Your iPod Touch Other Than Music

The original iPod gave us a gateway into music unlike any we'd ever seen before.

In the time since, Apple has made their models slimmer, sleeker, and increased the storage size to the realms of the ridiculous... and also employed the awesome touch screen to make our lives easier and to break free from buttons.

The latest version of the iPod features a touch interface, access to the web via WiFi, and a huuuge lineup of apps. Thanks to those apps, the iPod touch is good for a lot more than music- you just may not know it yet.

Here are ten of the best non-music iPod Touch possibilities.

1. Record Voice/Music

Thanks to apps like Podzilla and iTalk, you can easily record any sort of sound onto your iPod touch. You'll need a headset with a mic or some other form of audio input, but the possibilities are endless.

This means you can record interviews, take notes out-loud, record your professors in lectures... the possibilities are endless.

2. Make Phone Calls

No, I don't mean from an iPhone. I'm actually referring to the possibility of making calls on your iPod when you grab an external mic.

Thanks to a VOIP application known as Line2, you can set up a second phone line on your iPod with unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada... not to mention that you can text from a plane. Yeah, I said it!

3. Make a Fashion Statement

The iPod touch comes in different colors and editions, but there are plenty of other ways to dress up your MP3 player.

You can stick it into an "iPod hoodie," get an inscription of your favorite quote, or even apply an iPod tattoo.

4. Light Up the Room

We're all used to pulling out our cell phones and using their screens to find our way. With the iPod "flashlight" apps, you can do this with greater effectiveness.

There are some other fun light apps, too — like iBeam, which allows you to use the iPod as a laser pointer.

5. Listen to Text

There are a lot of eReaders that you can get for the iPod, and the ability to quickly download text via programs like

Instapaper make the downloading process even easier. Many of the eReaders have a built-in "text to speech" capability, but if not — there's an app for that.

6. Get Your Drink On

There are many different mix drink recipe apps to be found on the iPod. Impress your friends, dazzle members of the opposite sex, or just plain get sloshed with the help of your iPod- like PocketBar.

7. Get on Schedule

There are both built-in and downloadable calendar apps, including those that will synchronize with your web calendar. Now you have no excuse not to be on time.

8. Find Inspiration

There are plenty of inspiration programs, including audio tracks of famous inspirational speeches and lineups of motivational quotes. Many of these items are available for free.

9. Play Movies

Play your videos, videos from Netflix, and video trailers from apps like "Flixster."

The iPod touch is the perfect resource for playing any kind of video on the go.That train ride or subway won't seem so long and boring now that you have something to visually watch besides music videos.

10. Change the Channel

Literally. Don't want to buy a pricey universal remote? Good news: With the TotalRemote app, your iPod will work for just that purpose.

With almost a third of a million apps, the Apple store has no shortage of possibilities.

Take the time to explore the new possibilities, as well as enacting the great functions mentioned above.

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