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10 Weird Ways to Use Facebook

Facebook, the world's largest social network devised by a bunch of geeks in a Princeton dorm room, blurs all dimensions of a person's life in a running news feed. Facebook blends a user's family, friends, and work relationships from the past, present, and perhaps future into a dizzy and sometimes complicated electronic atmosphere. As a bonus, all of the socializing is balanced by a backdrop of hundreds of applications and games designed to allow users to peer into the minds of others, have something to do when their bored, and compare results with their friends. We've devised a list of the top ten weird ways to use Facebook:

1. Talk to hot chicks you wouldn't have the nerve to approach in real life.

Facebook allows even the biggest of dorks to friend the most gorgeous of girls all with a simple friend request. If she accepts, you're free to instant message, email, and sneak peeks at whatever she makes available. The universe has never been the same.

2. Stalk your ex.

Facebook allows you to be virtually friendly with just about anyone, including your former romantic partner. And if he or she won't friend you, chances are his or her friends will. Viola...instant access to the juicy tidbits and photos of your ex's present life.

3. Find your girlfriend after you stand her up for dinner.

You're out with your friends, you have a few and lose track of time. Tentatively you peer on the Facebook wall of the girl you've been seeing to determine if she noticed you blew her off. You find she's out with her friends. Bammo. You know how to find her if she doesn't respond to your text messaged apologies (just be sure to take her flowers.)

4. Spy on your friends.

Lovers may come and go but friendship is forever. Unfortunately, in modern times, most folks don't have a lot of time to nurture themselves, with work, family, and household responsibilities, let alone pick up the phone to chat with an old friend. There's no simpler way of breathing life into a friendship (or catching up) than a quick "thinking of you" on a Facebook wall or email.

5. Keep tabs on your frenemies.

Remember that guy that used to beat you up in the locker room who sent you a friend request to alleviate his guilt? Facebook allows you to see how miserably great or not so great his life is. And chances are after you smooth out the past, you may be able to clear up old resentments and have a good laugh. Otherwise, you can secretly snicker at how fat he is, how ugly his wife is, or how much of a loser he is.

6. Humiliate someone publicly.

A seething post aimed at an ex-wife, idiot who cut you off on the interstate, or speed racers who rip up the streets of your town is an effective way to let off some steam when you're really hot. Unfortunately, it's also rather juvenile. Be careful...your boss, kid's teacher, or even the person who offended you, could be reading your rant.

7. Locate missing persons or pets.

As we all know, Facebook is a great way to spread word quickly. Missing person reports, like Amber Alerts, as well as missing pet notices, are among the top re-posted statuses available on the site. Keeping word moving is a small way to do some good.

8. Concoct meal plans.

Reading the statuses of people who love to cook is a great way to a) get hungry and b) solve the dinner dilemma. Seeing the pictures of what people are eating, however, makes one ready to take a bite out of the keyboard.

9. Sell your stuff.

Unloading stuff that you don't want, need, or can't afford has never been easier. All it takes is a simple snap from your cell phone, post to your wall, and voila...sold.

10. Adopt a pet.

People often post pictures of their pets on Facebook or grip about the dog they can't stand. Animal lovers rejoice when they think they can help by adopting the animal or help find a home for it. Who can resist a cuddly pet especially if it's offered by your friends?

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