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25 Really Unique and Powerful Firefox Extensions

There are many things which make Firefox special. Extensions are one of them. They add some incredible functionalities to the browser, sometimes so much that you can really do everything without leaving the browser for a second.

Here is a list of some really unique and powerful Firefox extensions which could go a long way in enhancing your Firefox experience. They accomplish complex tasks so easily and quickly that you would regret not having used them until now. All of them are compatible with Firefox 3.5, which is the latest version of the browser.

1. Fireclip

Fireclip is a neat add-on which lets you slice out specific portions of webpages and then check them later to see if there have been any changes. You can quickly go through the clips later using its gallery view. Other features include auto-highlighting of clips and auto-resizing of clip's size to accommodate updated content.

It is a powerful tool which could be used to track multiple portions of different websites on a single page. You can track blog comments, search results for a keyword and more.

Download and install Fireclip.

2. FacePAD

FacePAD or the Facebook Photo Album Downloader is an awesome extension which lets you download the photos from your friends' albums in Facebook in one click. You can also mass download photos from an events album or a group album. The option to download comes up when you right click the album link.

Download and install FacePAD. Also check out the video tutorial below.

3. Cluster Tabs

Cluster Tabs is an excellent add-on for those who always find themselves working with a huge number of open tabs and would love to organize them in some way. This add-on groups different tabs to create a cluster which can be combined in a new tab, shared via Twitter or Facebook using the automatically generated public url or it could be shared using the HTML/Javascript code for the cluster. Apart from organizing the tabs, it actually helps in increasing the performance since the clustered tabs consume less memory.

Download and install Cluster Tabs For Firefox. Also check the video tutorial below.

4. LeechBlock

Can't help visiting twitter or Facebook or browsing porn when it's the time to work ? Well, Leechblock can help you. It is a simple but unique add-on which blocks the sites you specify at the times and days you want them to be blocked. It offers various customization options including setting passwords for access to the add-on settings to make the unblocking a little more difficult and time-taking.

Download and install LeechBlock.

5.GCal PopUp

Do you use Google Calendar multiple times during the day ? And do you hate it when you need to click through the link every time to add a schedule or update an appointment ? Then this is a must-have add-on for you. Once you install it, you'll find a small calendar icon in the status bar which when clicked immediately pops up your calendar over the current webpage. Yes, it's that quick !

The add-on currently is an experimental one but appears to be quite stable considering the splendid reviews it has received.

Download and install GCal Popup.

6. WebMynd

Webmynd is another awesome add-on which can really enhance your Google search experience by adding relevant information from other reliable sources. Not only it adds the results from sources like Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, CNN, Digg, Reddit etc to Google and displays the results side by side, it can also record your entire browsing history and play it back to you along with the ability to search the browsing history for specific terms.

Download and install WebMynd.

7. Pencil

Pencil was announced as the winner of the Extend Firefox 3 Contest held by Mozilla last year. It is a nifty tool for designers and developers. Using it one can make detailed sketches and prototypes right inside the browser. It has features like multi-page document with background page, installing user-defined stencils, on-screen text editing with rich-text supports and many other cool features.

Download and install Pencil.

8. Capture Fox

There are many Firefox extensions which help you capture screenshots but Capture Fox goes a step further and helps you easily record a screencast right inside the browser without the need to use an external screencasting tool. It also lets you capture the audio from your microphone. You can choose between low, moderate and high video qualities and start capturing either the whole screen or just the Firefox window.

Download and install Capture Fox.

9. FindThatBand

FindThatBand is a nice add-on for music lovers which lets you quickly gather more information about an artist or a band when you come across it on a webpage. You can just select some text and right-click on it to lookup the artist or band on MySpace, Pandora, LastFM or Wikipedia.

Download and install FindThatBand.

10. Mouse Gestures

Most of us talk about how using keyboard shortcuts greatly enhances our efficiency and productivity while working online. However, for some the mouse just suits better. And Firefox has something for them too. Mouse Gestures, another unique add-on in this list reduces your dependency on the keyboard by allowing you to execute commands like open/close tabs, go back/forward in the webpage etc by drawing mouse gestures on the screen.

Download and install Mouse Gestures.

11. DeeperWeb

Like WebMynd, DeeperWeb's primary goal is to add more to Google search results and help you get more information from different sources. However, it adds its own uniqueness to the process. When you search for a term, DeeperWeb opens up a sidebar generating a tag cloud which includes tags relevant to the search term. It also provides extended search for the same query using various boxes like Answers Search, Blogs Search, Wikipedia Search, Resources Search and more.

Download and install DeeperWeb.

12. Hyperwords

Hyperwords is without a doubt one of the most unique as well as most useful Firefox extensions available. It is a must-have if you want to be really productive while surfing the web. It adds a plethora of options to the right-click menu which help you access a huge number of web services right there without the need to separately visit the website for that service. You can check images, videos, maps, twitter references, news results and many other things related to a term. You can also directly search the term in a huge number of different search engines ranging from Google to Bing, WolframAlpha to Yahoo People Finder, Facebook to LinkedIn. Plus share things through email, social networks...the options are manifold. Customize them as you like.

Download and install Hyperwords.

13. Drag &

This is an add-on which makes online file storing and sharing a breeze. It defines drop as a chunk of space which can be used to store and share things like documents, pictures, audio, video etc. You can create such drops and directly add files to them using this add-on. You can even drag files from your desktop into those drops and bookmark them to check them later.

Download and install Drag &

14. DejaClick

Dejaclick offers a single click web recording and bookmarking. Record and bookmark the stuff you browse and playback later to find interesting things. It provides a toolbar with record/replay controls and a sidebar with the results of the replay. You could also add notes and annotations to the pages in the recording.

Download and install DejaClick.

15. Play Them All

Play Them All is a brilliant add-on which music lovers could find very useful. What it does is really unique. It takes all the mp3 files linked from a webpage and creates a playlist out of them using the .m3u format. You can then sit back and enjoy the songs one by one. The add-on is currently listed as experimental and according to the reviews, it works great except for the fact that it names the file as .part which needs to be manually renamed to .m3u.

Download and install Play Them All.

16. Ubiquity

Ubiquity is an innovative product by the Mozilla Labs team and takes your interaction with different web services to a new level. It provides a set of commands which help you perform common web tasks quickly and hence makes you more productive while working on the web. To get a better understanding of what this tool is all about and how to use it, check this elaborate tutorial page.

Download and install Ubiquity.

17. TooManyTabs

TooManyTabs provides a unique and effective way to help you get rid of tab overload. It does that by adding extra rows for the extra Firefox tabs. The tabs can be easily prioritized and visualized using different colors. The extra tabs accomodate the idle tabs which removes them from the Firefox memory and helps you save on the memory usage.

Download and install TooManyTabs.

18. Lazarus

I'm sure you have been in the situation when you are entering information in a web form or writing a long blog comment and suddenly the browser crashes or you accidently close the tab. Remember those frustrating moments ? Lazarus is here to help you with that. It auto-saves the forms as you type so that if such an incident happens again, you can quickly recover the information you had entered. Really cool.

Download and install Lazarus.

19. SiteLauncher

SiteLauncher is a cool add-on which lets you quickly open your favorite websites using just 2 keys on your keyboard. The first key, which is the default hotkey (Ctrl+Space for Windows & Ctrl+Alt for Mac) would bring up the Launcher and then the next key which is unique to a particular site is used to launch that site. Hence it is a productive way to open sites which you visit multiple times during the day.

Download and install SiteLauncher.

20. Split Browser

Split Browser can split a single browser window into multiple window panes and enable you to load numerous webpages in the in short windows within a single browser tab. It could come handy when you need to do a side-by-side comparison of two or more websites. Depending on the size of your RAM, you can split as much as you like.

Download and install Split Browser. Also check out the video demonstration of the add-on.

21. Mouseless Browsing

While Mouse Gestures was for those who can't live without the mouse, Mouseless Browsing, as the name suggests is for those who would love to use only the keyboard while browsing the web. Though there are keyboard shortcuts, sometimes they aren't enough.

For example, when clicking on different links on a webpage you need to use the mouse. Mouseless browsing aims to eliminate this impediment by allotting unique numbers to all such elements so that they can be opened using the keyboard as well.

Download and install Mouseless Browsing. You may want to check the following two video tutorials for this tool.

22. IMDb Preview

IMDb preview is an add-on for movie buffs and aims to save them time by instantly popping up comprehensive information when you hover the mouse over an IMDb link on any site. The preview for movies shows the poster, title, rating, number of votes, top 250 rank, cast members and the plot. And for an actor, it shows his latest movies, a short biography and other such details.

Download and install IMDb Preview.

23. Reasy

Reasy, which was one of the runner-ups for last year's Extend Firefox 3 Contest, is a RSVP (Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation) Reader. After you install it, you can select text on a webpage and it would play the sentence for you one word at a time at the speed which you've set in the add-on settings.

Download and install Reasy.

24. AutoPager

Another unique productivity enhancing Firefox extension. It automatically loads the next page of a site on the same page thereby saving you the time you would take to click on the page numbers at the bottom of the site and hop from one page to another. It works flawlessly with most of the major websites. It also works in conjunction with add-ons like adblock plus and WOT.

Download and install AutoPager.

25. Firefox Universal Uploader

Firefox Universal Uploader is an awesome add-on which makes uploading stuff to different web services easier. It uses an FTP like interface in the browser allowing you to upload things like pictures, audio, video and other files from your computer to popular sites like Flickr, Youtube, Picasa, Google Docs and many more. It supports a huge number of such sites.

Download and install Firefox Universal Uploader.

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