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4 Tips for Effective Couponing

Couponing has been getting a lot of attention these days. In these trying economic times, getting ahead through savings is the right thing to do. Before you do start couponing there are certain things you should know about. Getting into couponing may look straightforward – clip or collect coupons and that’s it. But it’s actually more than that. Effective couponing means learning certain tricks of the trade. That’s why there are TV shows that deal exclusively on couponing.

Here are some cool tips that will definitely help when you coupon:

Expand your couponing resources. A common newbie mistake is subscribing to just one newspaper for coupons. You’re extremely limiting yourself with this tactic. A better tactic is to rely on different papers. Get a weekend subscription to several papers as long as they are affordable and carry quality ads. Another way to do it is to ask friends, relatives and coworkers for ad inserts that they don’t need. Another ingenious way of really stacking up that coupon count is going to stores that sell newspapers. These stores usually sell the Sunday edition at almost giveaway prices on Monday. If you get multiple copies then you’ll get multiple coupons.

Don’t forget your online options.
Yes, coupons are also offered online. Websites like CouponCodes4U, offer high quality coupons that you can redeem without any difficulty.

Swap coupons with other coupon collectors.
It’s almost a certainty that there are certain coupons in your collection that you won’t really need. For example, if you’re a guy, you might not be too inclined to use that coupon for a salon visit. Develop a personal network of friends and relatives who are also into coupon collecting and swap with each other. You can probably swap that salon visit coupon for Puma Coupon Codes, if you’re the sporty type.

Buy only the things you’ll use.
Couponing is a way to save money but if you buy things just because it’s cheap or on sale even though you don’t need it then you’re just wasting money. Wait until there is an offer for something that you actually need before you buy.

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