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10 Great iPhone Apps for Toddlers

iphone apps for toddlers

Apple's iPhone may have been developed for adults but doubles as a means of entertainment for youngsters. The same goes for the iPad (which runs most of the iPhone apps).

The iPhone is one of the most versatile devices on the market and provides the best of technology in the palm of your hand. As any parent of a toddler knows, when you're traveling, dining out, or in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office, the iPhone is one of the easiest ways to keep your tiny tyke busy.

Here are 10 Great iPhone Apps For Toddlers:

1. Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn is one of the most highly acclaimed and award winning iPhone apps available for toddlers. Peekaboo Barn is highly recommended by multiple sources to provide your tot with an educational peek into a bouncing barn and the world of farm animals. This app is available in English or Spanish and is geared toward educating your little one in animal names and sounds. Peekaboo Barn is a great app to foster early literacy and cognitive development.

To Download The Peekaboo Barn iPhone App, Go Here

2. Bubbles

Bubbles is a great iPhone app geared to provide entertainment in its simplest form: by popping bubbles. Bubbles lets your little one feel the gravitational pull when bubbles descend, hear the pop of each bubble, and set bubbles afloat from your little one's fingertips. This is a great app to provide hours upon hours of entertainment for your toddler and as an added bonus, the download is free!

To Download The Bubbles iPhone App, Go Here

3. Baby Sign (ASL)

The Baby Sign iPhone app is a video phrase book offering over 200 different hand gestures used in American Sign Language. Baby Sign helps parents and toddlers enhance their bond and is a great tool to foster any baby or toddler's language and communication skills. At any age or stage of development, Baby Sign helps parents and toddlers discover the benefits of learning and using ASL.

To Download The Baby Sign ASL iPhone App, Go Here

4. Learn To Talk

The Learn To Talk iPhone app is an award winning, educational tool. Learn To Talk facilitates language development and teaches toddlers basic vocabulary skills. The app features 160 highly interactive, bright flash cards designed to engage and motivate tots to acquire the basics of language and communication, all with the simple swipe of the screen. Best of all, Learn To Talk was developed by a nationally certified speech pathologist to teach all children, including those with developmental or learning disabilities, the basic tools needed for language formulation, language processing, and grammar.

To Download The Learn To Talk iPhone App, Go Here

5. Animal Sound Machine

The Animal Sound Machine is a great iPhone app guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your toddler. Animal Sound Machine features twenty high quality animal sound effects, including: bird, camel, cat, chicken, dog, cow, dolphin, donkey, duck, elephant, frog, horse, lion, monkey, parrot, pig, sheep, and whale sounds to provide any conversation with great sound effects. Animal Sound Machine is certain to delight your toddler for endless fun.

To Download The Animal Sound Machine App, Go Here

6. Where's Gumbo

The Where's Gumbo iPhone app is certain to provide your little one hours of entertainment. Where's Gumbo features a digital "lift the flap" board book-esque reading experience for your tot. The tap screen app requires your toddler to help find the lost Gumbo, refine fine motor skills using a screen tap, and fosters early reading skills. Where's Gumbo provides an interactive experience certain to provide your toddler with ample room for learning and fun.

To Purchase The Where's Gumbo App, Go Here

7. Tozzle Toddler's Favorite Puzzle

The Tozzle Toddler's Favorite Puzzle iPhone app was created for your toddler to learn shape recognition and enhance fine motor skills. Tozzle offers 35 different puzzle pictures, complete with sound effects, and a simple, easy to use drag and drop format to help your child piece together puzzles. Once the puzzle is complete, your tot can then tap the screen to enable silly sound effects guaranteed to make your little one laugh. Tozzle is educational and entertaining, and a surefire hit among toddlers and parents.

To Download The Tozzle iPhone App, Go Here

8. Kidzongs

Kidzongs is a great iPhone app geared for any toddler musician. Kidzongs combines the sheer delight of sound using acoustic instruments and simple animated lyrics to foster positive musical encounters and early reading skills. Kidzongs allows parents to share and listen to songs they loved as a child and even sing along. Kidzongs is a great app for any age.

To Download The Kidzongs iPhone App, Go Here

9. iKids Play Caterpillar's Dream

Based upon Sally M. Harris' book "The Caterpillar's Dream," the iKids Play Caterpillar's Dream is packed with educational and creative entertainment for your toddler. Caterpillar's Dream has 5 interactive activities allowing your child to: rub and find hidden book pages; color using their fingertips; read, record, and playback the story book; and digitally finger paint. Caterpillar's Dream fosters listening and reading skills, small motor development, spatial coordination, and color recognition as your child creatively expresses his or her individual brand of artistry.

To Download The iKids Play Caterpillar's Dream App, Go Here

10. Bumblebee Touchbook

The Bumblebee Touchbook iPhone App is a great digital tool to promote and cultivate your toddler's early literacy skills. Bumblebee Touchbook allows your youngster to touch a word, hear it spoken, and watch it come to life in animation. Bumblebee Touchbook is an easy-to-use-app full of learning activities, like a narration bee which reads to your little one, certain to develop your youngster's word recognition and counting skills. The app also includes a short 3D movie entitled "Bumblebee Touchbook" and the music of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korskov.

To Download The Bumblebee Touchbook App, Go Here

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