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100 Animals Removed From Philadelphia Home

One hundred animals removed from a Philadelphia home in the 700 block of Earp Street in South Philadelphia, Pa.  A woman in a three story building reportedly lived in horrendous conditions, with "feet of feces" underfoot and countless Chihuahuas everywhere.  Police raided the residence, assisted in collecting the animals, and teamed with the SPCA to provide care for the animals.

George Bengal, SPCA spokesman, stated that a woman "hoarded" the animals, and "we got three floors, they're in every floor, in every bedroom, every room in the property."  Eyewitness reports indicate that two feet of animal feces were found in every room of the home.  covered the floors of the home were covered in nearly two feet of animal feces.  Local authorities began an investigation during the summer of 2009 following complaints from the neighbors regarding an "overwhelming stench."  Officials waited months for enough evidence to issue a warrant.  Following a "tip call" on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, officials raided the residence, condemned the property, and made an arrest.

The animals are in custody of the SPCA undergoing medical tests.

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