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Bloomingdale's Me-Ality Machine Prevents Mom Jeans Syndrome

Great news shoppers! The Me-Ality Machine, available only at Bloomingdale's prevents "mom jeans syndrome" and eliminates hours of trying on clothing by calculating precisely which jeans will look best based on your body dimensions. This virtual shopping assistant may sound too good to be true but it isn't. Though it should probably have a warning label as a maximum risk to the balance of your credit cards.

The machine works after shoppers stand fully clothed in the Me-Ality mirrored booth. Then after some simple calculating complements of complex computer algorithms, a quick size-up of your proportions by detecting the amount of moisture in your skin, and voila! You have a detailed profile to help you select clothing and brands best suited for your figure. This, dear shoppers, is a technology win and may quite very well be the best virtual tailor in the universe!

And all you have to take off is your shoes!

Magnificent! No more psychological damage complements of florescent lighting and stuffy dressing rooms! Yeah!!!!

For more about Me-Ality and to find out where the booths are located, go here.

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