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Brooklyn Musician Nadav Nirenberg Hooked and Busted iPhone Thief Using Bogus OKCupid Profile

The genius of Brooklyn trombonist and musician Nadav Nirenberg pushed him to the ranks of a few lucky people to actually catch the thief who took his iPhone on New Years Eve. Nirenberg, 27, hooked and busted the suspect by setting up a fake online dating profile under the alias "Jennifer Gonzalez" via OKCupid and arranging a "bogus date." The thief fell for the "seduction" which included receiving pictures of the "24 year old woman with a large bosom," romantic messages, and winkie faces and hearts. Nirenberg also managed to then lure the thief to his apartment building in Park Slope, Brooklyn for a “date” which could have easily ended in disaster but instead ended with the musician getting the last word.

The backstory includes Nirenberg misplacing his iPhone during a cab ride to a show in Midtown to play in his band Streetlight Manifesto on December 31, 2012. The next morning after he received email notifications that the thief had used his iPhone to send potential love matches via OKCupid, Nirenberg accessed the thief’s account and learned that the culprit was not only using his phone but also his photos. Nirenberg enlisted the help of a friend and baited a trap for the thief using the female alias. The thief quickly responded to a message Nirenberg sent asking to meet up. The thief arrived at the apartment where “Jennifer” supposedly lived toting a bottle of wine and freshly shaved. During the supposed “date,” Nirenberg revealed his true identity. Holding a hammer and ready with a demand the thief return his iPhone, Nirenberg gave the crook the “peace offering” of $20. The crook returned the phone and immediately fled yet during the retreat, Nirenberg offered his parting words: “You smell great, though.”.

Of the entire event, Nirenberg happily quipped “I feel giddy” for having gotten his iPhone back and decided to not press charges with the authorities.

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