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Danielle Chiesi, Raj Rajaratnam, Robert Moffat and 20 Others in Galleon Group Hedge Fund Scandal

Danielle Chiesi, Raj Rajaratnam, Robert Moffat and 20 others involved in Galleon Group hedge fund scandal.  The New York based Galleon Group was exposed for fradulent business dealings in October 2009.   Rajaratnam, co-founder of Galleon, and Chiesi, top executive at Galleon, went before U.S. District Judge Richard J. Holwell in New York for earning millions of dollars in illegal stock trading.  The scandal involves 12 companies from around the world, including butnot limited to: Intel Corp., International Business Machines Corp., Akamai Technologies, INC., Google INC, and Advanced Micro Devices. 

Both Chiesi and Rajaratnam have pleaded not guilty to charges against them at a hearing on July 7, 2010.  Chiesi and Rajaratnam's defense team have requested their trials to be held separately despite the prosecution's allegations of conspiracy.  Chiesi's reputation has been further tarnished by Moffat's allegations of an affair.  Moffat is the former Senior Vice President and Group Executive for IBM who pleaded guilty to securities fraud and conspiracy charges on March 29, 2010. 

In a recent Fortune interview, Moffat admitted to having a "business" based extramarital affair with Chiesi.  Moffat stated: "Everyone wants to make this about sex.  Danielle had an extensive network of business people.  And she added clarity about what was going on in the business world...I know in my heart what this relationship was about: clarity in the business environment."


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