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First Ever Nevada Based Online Poker Site Legalized in U.S.

Online poker is now available online compliments of a thirty day licensure passed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The first ever websites now allow residents in the state of Nevada to partake in online gambling and expected to pave the path for other states, like New Jersey and Delaware. Terms of the agreement require players to reside in the state of Nevada and be 21 or older to play. Additionally, sites have been ordered to verify identities and offer links or means of support for gambling addicts.

Former legislation passed in 2006 banned online gambling via the internet within the United States and required the over 10 million American online poker players to use sites based offshore. The new license has forged a unique boundary between officials and the gambling industry while creating controversy from opposition. The thirty day license is under harsh criticism from the U.S. based Stop Predatory Gambling who insists the move is one which is "actively encouraging people to lose money."

Supporters believe that change will allow sites to compete for customers in a market likely generate billions in revenue for state and federal authorities.

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