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Food Crisis in Germany Worsens With Feed Contamination

A food crisis within Germany has worsened as officials suspect foul play was the cause of the massive farm shutdowns. Investigations revealed the feed for animals contained the carcinogen dioxin and contamination fears have spread as testing on the animal fats revealed the contamination occurred last March. The resulted in the shut down of well over 4,700 German farms which are slowly re-opening.

As of Monday, three thousand of the farms have been given the go ahead to reopen upon results following a "solid analysis" of carcinogenic dioxin levels from farms throughout Germany. Farms from northern state of Lower Saxony were most affected by the contamination scare per reports from the regional agricultural ministry.

Konrad Scholz, vice president of the association for consumer protection and food safety within Lower Saxony reported to Tagesspiegel Daily: [Contamination] at such high levels can not just be a mistake."

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