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Free Ice Cream Cone Event at Any Ben & Jerry's Today!!!

The only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream!!!! And ice cream experts Ben and Jerry have designated April 9, 2013 as Free Cone Day at any of their nationwide and international locations. When longtime friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded Ben and Jerry's, they had no idea they would achieve such success. Especially considering they shut down just two months after opening their first shop. Many years later, they now operate a multi-million dollar company which supports various environmental and political charities.

Since inception on May 5, 1979, Ben and Jerry's has celebrated the love of frozen ice cream, yogurt, and other delights based upon just a dream, a $12,000 investment, and an ice cream parlor within a former gas station. Employees and staff at Ben and Jerry's around the world are expected to hand out over one million completely free ice cream cones to any and many of their customers in honor of today's event.

This Free Cone event occurs every year from late March until early May to commemorate staff and customer appreciation for the South Burlington, Vermont, based organization.

For more or to see a list of Ben & Jerry's locations, go here.

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