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Huang Yuanfan Grows 3 Inch Horn From His Head

An eighty four year old Chinese man identified as Huang Yuanfan has grown a 3 inch horn from his head per reports from various British media sources. The Ziyuan resident reported that the growth began growing two years ago when it began just as a bump. Huang reportedly picked at, filed, and tried to remove the bump but the horn kept growing.

Huang stated during a Metro interview: "Doctors say they don't know what caused it but if they tried to take it off it will just come back. I try to hid it beneath a hat but if it gets much longer it will be sticking out the top."

In March of last year, a similar incident was reported with another Chinese citizen stepping forward brandishing a 2 1/2 inch horn growth with a second just forming. Zhang Ruifang, a 101 year old had grown not one, but two, horns.

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