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Hurricane Earl Becoming Major- Update

With the good news that Hurricane Danielle has been downgraded, another one has struck the United States of America in the shape of Hurricane Earl. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Earl is moving west towards the Northern Leeward Islands from its low-lying position in the Atlantic as a Tropical Storm. As per the statement of the Miami Based Center, the Hurricane Earl earned a Category 1 which sustained winds speeding at 75 miles per hour.
The regions in Northern Leewards where the warnings for Hurricane Earl have been rung as are as follows: Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Barthelemy, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Martin/Maarten. In addition, a hurricane watch for the British, US Virgin Islands along with Puerto Rico has also been set in motion.
A senior energy meteorologist has predicted that Hurricane Earl is going to gain a lot of momentum and speed in the coming few days and will evolve into a major threat for the East Coast round about the Labor Day Weekend.
Now that the Hurricane Danielle has been downgraded, alarm bells are ringing to watch for Hurricane Earl which has the potential to wreck a lot of havoc on the residents of Leeward Islands.

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