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Indoor Tanning Beds Must Display Cancer Risks/Warnings Per FDA Proposal

Indoor "sun" worshipers beware! The FDA has just issued a proposal which would require all indoor tanning beds to display associated cancer risks and other warnings involved in their use. The move, announced on Monday, May 6, 2013, is in support of more federal regulation over the usage of tanning beds, sun lamps, and other indoor tanning equipment. The FDA's proposal includes a minimum age requirement of at least 18 years, specific safety and design features for manufacturers in terms of timers and limits to amounts of emitted radiation, and warning information on all promotional literature from pamphlets and catalogs to websites and other advertising.

The proposal is geared toward significantly reducing the number of children, teens, young adults, and adults with melanoma (the worst and most deadly form of skin cancer). The proposal seeks to ban the activities of some tanning bed owners (who have allowed children as young as ten years old to tan) through the efforts of numerous physicians' groups working for years to push U.S. authorities to change legislatures regarding tanning beds.

Despite melanoma's prevalence and sometimes fatal risks, many doctors suggest that avoiding tanning beds, booths, and artificial "sun" as well as limiting exposure to harsh outdoor sunlight significantly decreases cancer risks. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends checking your skin monthly to detect changes in moles and other conditions.

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