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Katy Perry Teenage Dream Hot Bikini Photos

Katy Perry Teenage Dream hot bikini photos are causing some controversy.  The engaged singer, wearing nothing but a bikini, was snapped at crotch level to a man in a tangerine Speedo while on a beach filming her upcoming first track from her latest album.  The album is set to release in a month's time but is steadily gaining momentum and controversy.

The video accompanying the first track by the same title, features Perry making out with a man in a swimming pool.  Perry recently posted on Twitter: "Cut, copy, print, moving on!  That's a wrap for Teenage Dream!  So gorgeous, I really can't wait to see what [director] Yoann Lemoine makes of it all!!!!"  and "In my hometown.   I got to cast all my friends in the new music vid for Teenage Dream = amazing insanity."

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