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Michael Vick Won't Play in 2009

I have this theory that Michael Vick and Barry Bonds are like blood brothers. Except Vick has done his time and Bonds hasn't quite yet. But they are brothers because both are blackballed in their respective sports. The commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell will probably reinstate Michael Vick but I am predicting that no NFL team will sign him, nor work him out. He will be stuck playing in the minor leagues.

I don't believe his offense was so horrible as to warrant a lifetime ban but I believe the NFL has changed so much in the last few years his talent is forgotten, and his career has quickly evaporated.

Michael Vick however will play football. Most likely for the United Football League who recently had their first draft. They have some legitimately good players and some superb coaches but I don't think there is room for another football league.

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