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NBA Player Michael Beasley Enters Rehab

Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley has entered a rehab in Houston to address potential substance and psychological issues, several media outlets reported Monday.

Beasley checked into an unidentified facility this past weekend.

The Heat and the NBA declined comment to Yahoo! Sports, which first reported the story.

A photo of the player was posted Friday to his Twitter account, in which Beasley was displaying a new tattoo across his shoulders.

That picture also showed what appeared to be a small plastic bag on an nearby table, the contents of which were unknown.

Beasley's Twitter account has now been closed.

Under the NBA's anti-drug rules, there are instances in which a player who comes forward voluntarily to request help with a substance abuse issue is not penalized as harshly as a player who randomly tests positive and is thereby forced to enter the treatment program.

The NBA does not disclose who is in its drug treatment program.

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