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President Barack Obama Wins 2012 Presidential Election

President Barack Obama has been reelected after winning the 2012 Presidential Campaign despite a tight race from his opponent, Mitt Romney. With his eye to the future, President Obama's second term was secured by victory throughout New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa, and Colorado, despite heavy competition from Romney and a $1 billion dollar duel in advertising for the campaign.

With the U.S. grappling a weakened economy, high unemployment rates, and other prominent issues, Obama's work for his second term is most certainly already cut out for him. As ballots are counted, and both parties vying for the majority in both, Republicans will control the House of Representatives and Democrats will control the Senate. Many political experts believe Washington will resume the gridlock that has plagued politics for the past four years. Others believe that Obama's reelection is the best thing that could happen at this point in the history of the U.S as his family based values assure he is leading the country in the right direction. Some believe Obama's policies are not what the country needs.

Despite the political arena, Obama offered his gratitude following news of his win. He Tweeted to those who supported his reelection with a simple "This happened because of you. Thank you."

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