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Presidental Campaign 2016 Buzz: Hillary Clinton Will Run

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly going to campaign (again) for the 2016 presidency. The buzz has only been increasing and the latest details suggest that former President Bill Clinton confirmed to Angelo Tsakopoulos, a Greek developer living within Sacramento, that Hillary is gearing up for the White House bid as Hillary seeks donations to finance the race.

Tsakopoulos supposedly leaked the details of Hillary's second attempt to the Greek Reporter at a private gathering within California last weekend (February 9 and 10.)
He stated: "Hillary will be our next President and she will be a great one." The UK's Daily Mail Online was later contacted by Tsakopoulos' representative, John Sitilides, who insisted the comment was taken completely out of context. Sitilide's offered: "During a recent discussion with a reporter, Mr. Tsakopoulos freely expressed his own sincere hope and personal opinion that Hillary Clinton would run for President becuse he believes she would make a great President. Some of his comments were apparently taken out of context, as it is clear from the former Secretary's statements that she has made no plans to run for office."

Tsakopoulos was a significant donor during Hillary's 2008 run for the Oval Office spot and may be supporting her second attempt. His daughter, Eleni Tsakopoulous-Kounalakis, has been linked as an adviser for Clinton's 2016 bid and was also sworn in by Hillary as the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary for President Obama in 2010.

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