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Rent L.N Mittal's 11-Bedroom Summer Palace in Hampstead, U.K. For 10,000 Pounds a Week

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal isn't aloof from the recession as well. After moving to a 15-bedroom palatial house in Kinsinghton Palace, London in 2004, he wanted to sell off his posh summer villa in Hampstead, London.

The villa has 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms & six reception rooms, a glass lift to a huge swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a steam room. But there are no buyers for this house in the recession hit Great Britain.

Hence now he has decided to rent out the place for an astounding 10,000 pounds a week price tag. According to the Daily Mail, he said,"Post credit-crunch rents are down 20 per cent but a long-term tenant could be willing to pay up to 10,000 pounds a week".

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