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Robert Frost Collection Donated by Johnathan Reichert to SUNY Buffalo

Acclaimed poet and author Robert Frost passed away over 50 years ago and in celebration of his legacy, Jonathan Reichert has donated a previously unreleased collection of his works to the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Reichert was sixty years Frost's junior when the pair formed an unlikely friendship
compliments of Frosts' longstanding ties with Reichert's father, Victor, a Cincinnati Rabbi. Frost and Victor connected over literature and philosophy for over twenty years and now the tie will be preserved and studied with volumes of letters, recordings, inscribed books, photographs, manuscripts, and other materials passed between the two men in the course of twenty years. The items will be accessible to students and visitors of the University and listed among the school's library archives. Curator of The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, Michael D. Basinski stated the donation has drawn world wide attention to the school as the "unique items" are a "major acquisition" not only for the school but for the entire realm of literature and poetry.

The works will be available for public viewing starting January 31, 2013.

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