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10 Best Football News Sites

Football news is vital whether you’re a professional betting on football or whether you’re just trying to catch up on the latest news on your way home from work. Here is a list of the top ten best football news sites.

1) BBC Football

The BBC has one of the best football news sections in Europe. It’s very difficult not to find the latest on your club from the Premier League through to the non-leagues.

2) Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the major broadcaster of Premier League football in the UK. The Sky Sports website includes everything from news and transfers to results and statistics.

3) NewsNow

NewsNow collects the freshest and most relevant football news stories and categorises them. Find your club and you will find all of the news from a variety of sources.

4) The Sun

The football news section on The Sun website is the online equivalent of the back pages of this national newspaper. Get opinions and stories from key figures in the game.

5) TeamTalk

TeamTalk gives you everything you need to catch up on news, reports and transfers in a direct, no nonsense style.

6) The Telegraph

Another online version of a national paper. Read news stories covered in greater depth which cover the issues at the heart of various stories.

7) Football365

Football365 is organised to give you a solid balance between serious news stories and opinion creating space for debate among online communities.

8) The Guardian

The Guardian does brilliant, quirky and serious features which look at key stories in a different way. Latest news is provided in a shirt and quick format.

9) does everything it says on the tin in terms of serious news, fixtures, results, information on players, live scores and much more.

10) Soccerlens

Soccerlens provides the breaking news stories to you as and when they happen before developing features and opinions around what is going on.

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