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Texan John Allen Rubio Beheads Toddlers, Gets Death Penalty

Texan John Allen Rubio beheads toddlers, gets death penalty.  Rubio was convicted in 2003 for the horrific murders of Angela Camacho's children, Rubio's then common law wife.

Rubio stabbed, smothered, and decapitated three toddlers all less than four years old.  Hidalgo County District Court Judge Noel Gonzalez sentenced Rubio to death and found Rubio's actions not only unjustifiable but tremendously inexcusable.   Rubio claimed that his troubled childhood contributed to the brutal slaying of the children and has a history of prior offenses.  Rubio was sentenced in 2003 to death immediately following the first trial for the murder of the children.

The jury deliberated for four hours following the most recent trial.



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