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Top Five Places to Buy Checks Online

Running out of checks is a huge inconvenience and searching the Internet for a quick replacement is no easy job. Any account holder knows full well the last place to purchase checks are banks as banks charge nearly double what most check printing companies do. As with most purchases, be warned that less expensive products sometimes (but not always) are of less quality. Less expensive checks tend to tear poorly.

Here are the top five places to buy checks.

1. Checks Please

Checks Please is a great option for online check purchasing. The site offers the best deals and discounts, over 6,000 and counting check options, business products, and various other home office products. Checks Please is one of the biggest check vendors available to consumers and offers great products at very affordable prices beginning at $13.95 per box.

2. Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited has been meeting the needs of its clients for well over 60 years by offering a large variety of personal and business products including: checks, labels, stationary, greeting cards, and invitations. Checks Unlimited provides affordable prices, quality service, and EZ Shield to protect your checks from forgery and alterations. Checks Unlimited offers competitive prices beginning at $15.99 per box.

3. Vista Print

Vista Print offers the lowest prices available to customers purchasing business and personal checks. With offerings as low as $2.99 per box (plus shipping and handling) and quality and satisfaction guarantees, Vista Print is one of the top check printers. Vista Print also offers a variety of office and business products as well as a multitude of business services. Vista Print also offers free items, business products of distinctive proportions (car door magnets, bumper stickers) as well as discounted products and every day price reductions.

4. Walmart

Walmart, the alpha giant retailer founded by Sam Walton in 1962, is a great place to purchase checks. Walmart offers a diverse selection of business and personal checks to meet consumer needs at tremendously affordable prices. Walmart's checking products begin at $6.96 per box.

5. Current

Current carries the "Made In America" tradition and was founded in 1986 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Current offers a wide range of business and personal check products, stationary, and office products as well as unique gifts. Current offers quality products with competitive prices. One box of checks costs $9.99 per box.

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