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Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time

Led Zeppelin, an English rock band formed in 1968, is considered one of the greatest bands of all time. With Jimmy Page on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals and harmonica, John Bonham on drums, and John Paul Jones on bass, keyboards, and mandolin, the foursome combined heavy rock, screaming guitars, and bluesy lyrics to create a distinct genre of music close to modern metal. Led Zeppelin separated in 1980 following Bonham's death but their music still has achieved tremendous commercial success, a huge following, and massive influence on the direction of music. Led Zeppelin has sold 200 million albums worldwide, rendering them "unquestionably one of the most enduring bands in rock history" per Rolling Stone magazine. Here are the Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs Of All Time (at least in our opinion):

1. Stairway to Heaven


2. Black Dog

3. Dyer Maker

4. All of My Love

5. Kashmir

6. Heartbreaker

7. Misty Mountain Hop (Swan Song)

8. Good Times Bad Times

9. Ten Years Gone

10. Fool In the Rain

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